RHINO series Primary Jaw Crusher

Primary Jaw Crusher CPC Skid Mounted Rhino Series Single Toggle
Rhino Series Primary Jaw Crusher

The Primary Jaw Crusher is a vital piece of machinery. Often the success (or failure) of a Crushing Plant depends upon its performance. The Primary Crusher receives large lumps of rock directly from mines, and reduces it to sizes suitable for downstream operations.

Why Us?

The Rhino Series Primary Jaw Crusher offers Huge Advancements over traditional Single Toggle Machines. It requires minimum maintenance and is Perfect for “Jaw-Jaw combination” crushing. This machine incorporates modern technologies to give unbeatable economy and a long service life.

Sectional View of a Jaw Crusher CPC Rhino Series

In particular, the Rhino series Jaw Crusher addresses the finer points that lead to productivity loss in Single Toggle Machines:

  • Frequent Failure of Spring and Hook Rod.
  • Excessive Wear of Toggle Bearings and Toggle Plate.
  • Premature failure of Toggle Beam
  • Loose and/or Cracked Flywheels
  • Time Consuming CSS Adjustment
NO MORE Frequent Failure of Spring and Hook Rod

Frequent failure of Hook Rod and Springs is a nagging problem. Traditional design causes bending and flexing of springs. The hook rod is unsupported and often sags. This causes undue stress and leads to failure. Also, the threads on the hook rod gets frequently damaged due to repeated oscillations.

Self Aligning Hook Rod Assembly in CPC Jaw Crushers

Our proprietary design “Self Aligning Hook Rod Assembly” ensures perfect alignment of the hook rod and the spring during the entire crushing cycle. The Spring Seat is supported upon bearing units. The Hook Rod is supported upon rolling pins. Square threads and long nuts further increases their working life.

NO MORE Excessive Wear of Toggle Bearings and Toggle Plate

Traditionally, the toggle plates are made of cast iron. They slide upon the curved bearing surface of the toggle bearings, without any lubrication. To add to that, they have to operate in extremely dusty conditions. This sliding action causes excessive wear of both the toggle plate and the toggle bearings. Hence they demand frequent replacement.

Dry Rolling Type Toggle Plate in CPC Jaw Crushers

The Rhino Series Jaw Crushers use the “Dry Rolling Type Toggle Plate” technology. The ends of the Toggle Plate are fully machined. The Toggle Bearings are hardened alloy steel castings with a flat bearing surface. Instead of sliding, the toggle plate now rolls upon the groove of the Toggle Bearings. The rolling action cause much less friction and hence a much enhanced life of both these parts.

NO MORE Premature failure of Toggle Beam

The Toggle Beam takes almost all of the stress generated in the jaw crusher. Improperly designed toggle beams are prone to failure. Cracked Toggle Beams are a major irritant for crusher owners.

Proper Alignment of Toggle Plate and Bearings ensure smooth load transfer to the Toggle Beam

In the Rhino Series machines, the Toggle Beam is a Massive block of Iron. It is heavily oversized for an increased life. Also, the Toggle Beam is designed to ensure that the Toggle Bearings and Toggle Plate are always aligned. This results in a smoother transfer of crushing loads to the toggle beam, and hence an extended life.