ELEKTRA Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

Vibrating Grizzly Feeder with Jaw Crusher
ELEKTRA Vibrating Grizzly feeding a 200 TPH Primary Jaw Crusher

The Vibrating Grizzly Feeder provides controlled and continuous feed to the Primary Jaw Crusher. It also increases the capacity of the crusher by scalping out under-size material and overburden from the feed.

Why Us

Elektra series Vibrating Grizzly Feeder has been engineered to absorb severe impact loads from trucks and loaders. Its light weight and strong design ensures a long service life. In addition, it requires no lubrication and is virtually maintenance free.

Vibrating Grizzly Feeder Features and Benefits

We have partnered with global leaders like Hardox , Invicta, Oli and Siemens to achieve Exceptional Reliability in our machines.

Hardox Fabricated Grizzly Bars and Liners
  • All exposed surfaces of our Grizzly Feeder are lined with Hardox Wear Plates to protect the body from damage.
  • The Grizzly Bars are also fabricated from Hardox Steel. Their tapered profile effectively avoids pegging, even in the most demanding conditions.
  • The Grizzly Bars are Welded and Not Bolted on the frame. This completely avoids loosening and shifting of the grizzly bars during operation. The frame itself is easily and quickly replaceable.
Maintenance Free Vibro Motor Technology with Speed Control

The use of premium quality Vibro motors ensures a very high uptime in our machines. Both Invicta Vibrators, UK and OLI S.p.A, Italy are world leaders in Vibro Motor Technology. Siemens make AC Drives are used for quick feed rate adjustment.

This technology offers distinct advantages:-

  • Minimum number of Moving Parts: Shafts, Gears, Belts and Pulleys are completely eliminated. Two Vibro Motors are directly mounted on the feeder body to produce linear vibration.
  • No Lubrication Required: The Vibro Motors are lubricated for life.
  • Dust Proof and Weather Proof: Our machines are certified to operate in ATEX Zones 21 and 22 (Dust). Moreover, IP 66 Enclosures offer substantial protection against Rains.
  • Quick Speed Adjustment: The speed (RPM) is regulated using Siemens AC Drive (Variable Frequency Drive)
  • Worldwide Availability of OLI and Invicta Vibro Motors: All machinery will eventually require maintenance and repair. Hence we maintain a ready stock of the Vibro Motors in our inventory. In addition, both OLI and Invicta motors are easily available worldwide.
Technical Specifications
Type of Grizzly FeederLinear Motion Vibrating Grizzly Feeder
Speed and Frequency of Vibration1000 RPM, 50 Hz
Stroke of Vibration4mm
Motor6 Pole 50Hz Invicta/Oli make Vibro Motors
DriveSiemens Sinamics G120
Dimensions and Capacities
 VGFE 4010VGFE4512
Total Length157 in
(4000 mm)
177 in
(4500 mm)
Length of Pan Section118 in
(3000 mm)
138 in
(3500 mm)
Length of Grizzly Section39 in
(1000 mm)
39 in
(1000 mm)
Total Width39 in
(1000 mm)
48 in
(1200 mm)
Maximum Feed Size20 in
(510 mm)
27-1/2 in
(700 mm)
Maximum Feeding Capacity200 STPH
(180 MTPH)
250 STPH
(225 MTPH)
Motor Power Required2 x 5.1 HP
(2 x 3.8 kW)
2 x 5.8 HP
(2 x 4.3 kW)
Suitable Primary Crusher3624 Hi-Pro4432 Hi-Pro
All Capacities are considering the average specific gravity of feed material to be 2.7

The Capacities indicated above are approximate and may vary depending upon Feed Material, Feed Size, Moisture and Clay Content, Feed Gradation etc.

STPH is US Short Tons per Hour (1 Short Ton = 2000 Pounds)
MTPH is Metric Tons per Hour (1 Metric Ton = 1000 Kg